About Alt Fabrics

Welcome to the AltFabrics blog!

This blog is to compliment our Etsy store and promote sewing, fabric and fashion. Every week we'll be featuring what's for sale, sharing great patterns we've found on Etsy and showcasing other inspirational blogs.

A bit about us
AltFabrics is a mum/daughter team. Christine is a dressmaker/patternmaker and teaches sewing, Joy experiments in a lot of art forms (so we will also have the occasional fabric art post) and organises the 'online' side of things. We both have huge fabric stashes from random pieces we've bought..

We started AltFabrics when we realised we really needed to minimise our room of fabric (so we had room for more!), so we are selling off a lot of our unusual fabric that although we love, in reality we will probably never use (plus now we can say we're selling fabric online, so we are allowed to buy more...). Some of our influences when buying fabrc come from Anime, gaming (especially World of Warcraft), online comics, and computer art.

We also want your input!
If you have a fashion, sewing or fabric blog let us know! Or if you sell patterns on Etsy.
We will be linking to various blogs/patterns each month. You can email us at altfabrics@gmail.com and please include "AltFabrics blog" in the subject line, so we can see your email in the midst of all the rest :) And feel free to give a bit of info about yourself for us to add alongside your link.
While we can't promise everyone will be linked to, we will do our best to try.